12 Days of Holiday Treats: Loaded Nutella Cookies

Welcome to day 2 of the 12 Days of Holiday Treats here on BBB! 

Today I have for you quite possibly the best cookie ever made to date. Yup, you heard me. Shit’s getting real, and now I know you REALLY want to bake these for yourself so you can make your own adult decision.


These cookies have Nutella, dark chocolate chips, and peanut butter chips, and I do believe that equation equals one Hell of a delicious outcome. For all of you peanut butter and chocolate lovers out there like myself, just the smell of these will make wipe you off your feet. And for all of you haters…learn to love this combination, it truly is amazing!

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12 Days of Holiday Treats: Peanut Butter Cookies

Is there anything better than the Holiday Season?! 

Putting up Christmas Trees, hanging stockings, NSYNC’s Christmas album,  baking cookies …and doing these posts!

First up are these lusciously delicious Peanut Butter Cookies…rolled in sugar and served best with a glass of cold milk.


There is nothing crazy going on with these Peanut Butter Cookies. They are straight up with no frills…just a sweet coating.

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Bob’s Sauerkraut

My Uncle Bob was one of the grandest people you’d ever met to all those who were lucky enough to know him, and for those unlucky ones, well perhaps you might get the opportunity to try some of the kraut made in his honor, with his recipe. 

You see, I wish I could really describe Bob to you, but I promise my words could never do him justice. To Bob everything was an “opportunity”. You need a picture hung? Why that would be such an opportunity. You need help moving? I do believe that would be such an opportunity. Bob_Alt

Bob always had a smile on his face and that is no lie. He brought a presence to the room you’ve never experienced unless you were in the same room as Bob. He shared his coveted sauerkraut and Irish cream every Christmas, and both of those were not to be missed. He danced so hard his clothes were wet post-dance, and in the most impressive way.

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The Taste of Madison 2015

Good food…is there anything better?!

Hmmm…nope…other than it paired with good drink AND good company…nothing better.

I mean, why put anything in your mouth if it isn’t worth the time (ohp! dirty much?!)?! 

My family and I attended The Taste of Madison this year, with Trapt playing at 2:50PM on the JJo stage, and whew, they were more than I ever expected them to be. Trapt has a special place in my heart due to my late best buddy and I both obsessing over them in high school and college…but beyond that, they are definitely a talented group. They put on a show like whoa, and I am SO glad/stoked I was able to see them in Madison at a local food/music fair next to the most beautiful capitol in the world.

Living in Madison, WI some people tend to forget we are spoiled to the MAX with music, food, and entertainment, but it’s true, and daily there is amazing events to attend and experience.

The Taste of Madison is one of these events…and this year, though stands tended to serve smaller servings, the actual food did not disappoint.

Following is the list of tasty foods and drinks we ingested during this years’ Taste of Madison 2015!

First up is the Black Raspberry Maui Wowi chosen by my little sister. It was served with an umbrella, so I am convinced it was super RAD!


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Yum Yum Fest 2015

On Sunday August 23, 2015, Steven and I attended the second annual Yum Yum Fest put on by the Madison Area Chefs Network (MACN), of which was put on to benefit food-related programming for children. How cool, right?! I mean, we are talking Madison’s finest chefs (and yes, Madison is undoubtedly an ever growing foodie metropolis) were told to highlight their creative cuisine in a community engaging way. The results? Absolutely stunning. We will definitely return each and every year it makes an appearance.SAMSUNG CSC

Yum Yum Fest is not only to highlight delicious food, but also drinks. And, to really round out the entire event, there was musical entertainment as well. You know, to make sure shit didn’t get all quiet and awkward…nobody likes awkward. 

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Oops! Banana Bread

Sometimes you have nasty looking bananas hanging by a thread on your banana basket hook…but sometimes you don’t quite have all of the regular ingredients for good ol’ banana bread.

Sometimes you let a lack of ingredients and motivation to run to the store stop you from baking banana bread…and sometimes you say “Fuck it!” and figure that shit out.

…this is one of those times.

I took your standard banana bread recipe and twisted some of the ingredients to not only reflect my pantry…but also my inner spirit animal (doesn’t make sense to you? Me either.).SAMSUNG CSC

I neglected to tell anyone I gave this Oops! Banana Bread to about my changes…but they didn’t seem to notice…but rather raved and found it quite delicious and enjoyable. 

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Chocolate Ganache Frosting

Sometimes you just happen to have a boxed yellow cake mix in your pantry…and that’s okay. Really. No judging eyes leering at you from my direction.


Though…you BEST coat that shit with legit homemade frosting or shit is going DOWN!BBB_Chocolate Ganache Frosting-1

Nah’ mean?!

It’s one thing cheat on the cake part and quite another to ALSO cheat on the frosting part. In which case you WOULD get judging eyes leering at you from my direction. 

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Birthday Cake Cookies

So…we were gone last week in not-so-sunny San Francisco…and this previous weekend was memorial weekend…so here I am a little late with some FABulous and GORGEOUS cookies.

I mean, just LOOK at those sprankles!!! (Yes, sprankles). 

These cookies are all things pretty, and neon, and all together perfect! With their fluffy centers and luscious taste you just simply cannot.go.wrong.

Truth. Scout’s honor…or…baker’s honor…feel me?BBB_Birthday Cake Cookies-2

I made these cookies for a work treat day, where they were decidedly a total win upon them not returning home with me, and then Steven made a batch for my arrival home from visiting my brother and having my brother’s girlfriend over for the night (prior to her visiting the bro-ha).

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Fudgy Thin Mint Brownies

Hey Friends! I hope all enjoyed 5/10/2015, whether it was to celebrate Mother’s Day, the beautiful weather, good news, or simply because hey, you’re heart’s still beating and you have awesome friends who love the shit out of you.

I spent the day baking, slinging beers, and pouring growlers…and I LOVED it.BBB_Fudgy Thin Mint Brownies-1

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