Fudge Covered Grahams & Peanut Butter Bars

Hey Friends! Happy Labor Day!IMG_4193

I hope all of you are taking this day to relax from work with a nice cold brew or a strategically prepared mixed drink, and if by chance you are working, I sure hope you are making double overtime…or at least time and a half, cause hey, you deserve it.

Today we are baking up a serious treat…and by serious I mean seriously thick and delicious (sexual innuendo not intended though welcomed). And, to make this story even better, we are throwing in a bunch of my personal favorite things; chocolate, grahams, and peanut butter. Oh sweet, sweet peanut butter. I could eat you every day of the week and still crave you. True facts of life. I have found that the addition of peanut butter, especially when mixed with its soul mate chocolate, makes everything better, including mood and the degree of smiles. The atmosphere always tends to get a little less dense, and the clouds seem to part, when this duo struts its stuff. And when their lover graham joins this threesome, well get out! There is no turning back. Try it, I dare you.

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Compost Cookies




Compost cookies…Wait. What?!  You heard me, or read me, or, you get it. These little, or rather, quite large, babies might have a name reminiscent of rotting produce, but I assure you they are MUCH tastier than one might imagine rotting produce to be. Oh MAN are they DE-LIC-IOUS! They are filled with any and all of the sweet and salty random goodies you have hanging around, all lonely like, in your pantry just waiting to be a part of something meaningful. Yes, even ingredients wait all their lives for those fifteen minutes of fame…or 5 seconds of fame, as I am quite sure they will not last much longer than that. Truth. But once they achieve it, well, then they are gone. *Tear* And these cookies allow several ingredients to be the star/meet their maker all at the same time.  Crazy, right?!

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Zucchini Banana Bread (Muffins) with Lemon Zest Cream Cheese Frosting

IMG_3766 Long walks, farmer’s markets, and anniversaries. Much like TriBond these three words have something in common; zucchini. During these wicked hot days of Summer I am an avid walker, due to my ass-hole throat closing up on me when I run in hot and humid weather, and every Wednesday morning we have a pretty fabulous farmer’s market just up the street from me. One can only assume I use my urge to go for long walks each day as an excuse to also hit up the beautiful stands that line the streets filled with delicious produce, and while I’m there pick up tasty looking ingredients to enable my baking obsession.

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Peanut Butter & Jelly Cookie Sammies

IMG_3517Bagels & cream cheese, bacon, lettuce & tomato, ham & cheese…peanut butter & jelly. Sammies always tend to come as standard, well known combinations, but at the top of that list, far above the rest, is the peanut butter and jelly sammy. There is just something magical and ever so comforting about the marriage of luscious, creamy peanut butter and sweet, sweet jelly finding refuge between two thick pieces of whole grain wheat bread (or white bread if that is the path your heart desires).  As kids this sammy means a lunch worth looking forward to, and as adults it means happiness and reminiscing.

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Fudgy Cookie S’mores

IMG_3403Summertime always makes me think of a few key features, the main one being S’mores, and I think about them nonstop. This is not one of those things where I just associate them with camping, and hence only think about them during those few days tenting it in the woods, but rather, it is a partially obsessive, partially addictive truth that encompasses my being throughout the Summer months. If I even get a glimpse of a marshmallow, BAM, I’m done for.  My mind starts racing and I start obsessing over how to make not only your standard S’more, which are ALWAYS a necessary treat, but also how I can take them over the top, but in a delicious and not too glitzy way.

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Cinnamon Roll Bundt Cake

IMG_3363Friends; the people in your life who keep you grounded, humble, and allow you to freak/flip out if necessary. Sometimes they are friends you have known forever, like my bestie from kindergarten, and sometimes they are friends you have known for less than a year but seem like they have been by your side since the beginning. I cannot even begin to express the love and gratitude I have for my group of nursing buddies. I have grown to admire them these past two semesters; each one of them with amazing stories and a passion for nursing.

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Raspberry Cheesecake Bars

IMG_3355One more year separates me and my future as an RN. This is a journey that has taken me far longer than I had originally anticipated, with a BA in Social Welfare and an assortment of  jobs thrown into the mix, but then again that is life, right? If it were not for the numerous bumps and hiccups, I would not be where I am today, spending time with the people I have met along the way, and reminiscing over the amazing memories I have ever so sweetly accumulated. It is thanks to the unforeseen paths that have overridden my life that have really inspired me to become not only a nurse, but a food blogger as well.

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