Yum Yum Fest 2016 (And a New Look!)

Hey Friends!


I’m kicking off the new look and name of Brown Bottle Baker (previously Brown Bottle Baking) with a review of our local Yum Yum Fest; 2016 edition.

This fest is a definite must for anyone living in the Madison area, and anyone who has or (sadly) hasn’t ever been lucky enough to experience the amazing foodie scene we have here in good ol’ Mad-Town. Seriously. Madison houses some of the greatest chefs around, and what’s even more fabulous is how they work together to benefit their home base and community. Beyond doing events such as this one, most of the restaurants featured source the majority of their ingredients locally. Now if that isn’t good ol’ Wisco love I don’t know what is.

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The Taste of Madison 2015

Good food…is there anything better?!

Hmmm…nope…other than it paired with good drink AND good company…nothing better.

I mean, why put anything in your mouth if it isn’t worth the time (ohp! dirty much?!)?! 

My family and I attended The Taste of Madison this year, with Trapt playing at 2:50PM on the JJo stage, and whew, they were more than I ever expected them to be. Trapt has a special place in my heart due to my late best buddy and I both obsessing over them in high school and college…but beyond that, they are definitely a talented group. They put on a show like whoa, and I am SO glad/stoked I was able to see them in Madison at a local food/music fair next to the most beautiful capitol in the world.

Living in Madison, WI some people tend to forget we are spoiled to the MAX with music, food, and entertainment, but it’s true, and daily there is amazing events to attend and experience.

The Taste of Madison is one of these events…and this year, though stands tended to serve smaller servings, the actual food did not disappoint.

Following is the list of tasty foods and drinks we ingested during this years’ Taste of Madison 2015!

First up is the Black Raspberry Maui Wowi chosen by my little sister. It was served with an umbrella, so I am convinced it was super RAD!


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Yum Yum Fest 2015

On Sunday August 23, 2015, Steven and I attended the second annual Yum Yum Fest put on by the Madison Area Chefs Network (MACN), of which was put on to benefit food-related programming for children. How cool, right?! I mean, we are talking Madison’s finest chefs (and yes, Madison is undoubtedly an ever growing foodie metropolis) were told to highlight their creative cuisine in a community engaging way. The results? Absolutely stunning. We will definitely return each and every year it makes an appearance.SAMSUNG CSC

Yum Yum Fest is not only to highlight delicious food, but also drinks. And, to really round out the entire event, there was musical entertainment as well. You know, to make sure shit didn’t get all quiet and awkward…nobody likes awkward. 

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The Taste of Madison

Unlike The Minnesota State Fair, The Taste of Madison is more about showcasing Madison’s diverse foodie culture while providing you with beer and music to go along with it. 

The entire Capitol Square is closed off to vehicular traffic and Madison’s finest roam the streets while being able to do as the New Orleans’ do…Drink it up while outside on the street!BBB_Taste of Madison-5Just look at that GORGEOUS capitol reflection in the US Bank Building. Absolutely stunning!

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Deep Fried, On a Stick, & Fabulous!

Deep Fried!

On  a Stick!

No Shame!

BBB_MN State Fair-1

These three phrases, my friends, accurately depict the Minnesota State Fair in its entirety.

This past Tuesday Steven and I ventured to good Ol’ Minnesota for an AFI/30 Seconds to Mars (and Linkin Park) concert, of which took place within the fair grounds, so we thought the foodie in each of us should finally take FULL advantage of the ridiculous goodness that is the Minnesota State Fair.

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New Glarus Brewery R&D Wild Peach Release

This past  Friday,Great Taste Eve (the day before the Great Taste of the Midwest…the best Beer Fest in America) was the first of a three day release for New Glarus Brewery’s R&D Wild Peach, a sour brown ale fermented with Michigan peaches. There were 1,500 bottles for grabs (2 per person) each day, and you had to make the trek to the brewery in order to have a chance of obtaining one (or two).BBB_New Glarus R&D Sour Peach-1

We arrived around 7:45am and at 8:30am tickets were handed out so you could leave or hang out and get back in line at 9:30am. I ended up being number 259in line, putting in a good spot to definitely procure my two bottles while not having to wait in line too long once they were handed out.

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O’so Good!

November 9th is what got me through the previous week. From a mental health exam on Tuesday, a Complex Health Alterations I exam on the following Monday,  to a week of clinical, all I kept thinking about was what the weekend ahead of me was going to entail…BBB_O'so Good!-3


A-Mazing Beer.

And lots of it.

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A Trip to Dave’s BrewFarm

I found myself with three days and a weekend off of school, clinical, and work, and decided to fill that time with a lot of beer, including a visit to one of my favorite places, Dave’s BrewFarm. I usually only make it there once a year during the month of February, and was extremely happy to find out they would be open on a day I would be able to enjoy a few hours there. Snatch!BBB_Dave'sBF-3

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The Dilly Dally



The Dilly Dally is a new event in Madison that was thought up by the owners of Karben 4. They decided to invite some alcohol related friends and have a little shindig on their lawn. The event took place on September 7th from 3:00PM to 6:00PM. There was a limit of around 200 tickets, each going for $35 a piece, and I do not believe that the event sold out, though it probably came pretty close.

Over all it was a pretty cool and fun event. While $35 gave me a chance to drink a lot of beers and liquor that I have already experienced, there were a few not-as-common drinks that still made it worthwhile. For example, I have never been to an event like this where there were samples of beer, mixed drinks, and liquor all included in the ticket price. The only thing that wasn’t included was the price of food (from Tipsy Cow), which was still pretty cheap.

The beer was provided by: 1BBL Brewing, Ale Asylum, Capital Brewery, House of Brews, Karben4, MobCraft, Vintage Brewing, and the recently opened Next Door Brewing.

Mixed drinks where being made at the table of ForeQuarter by one of the establishment’s bartenders, as well as at the table of Old Sugar . Mead was provided by BOS Meadery. Liquor was available from the tables of Old Sugar and Yahara Bay distilleries. 

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