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  • My birth name is Jean, but PLEASE, call me Jeanie. Jean is the name of my Grandmother…as well as the name of  my ex-gynecologist. Too much? Deal with it.
  • My personal motto is, “Baking & drinking, it’s what I do.” Yup. I bake, and drink. Often. And usually together.
  • Did I mention yet that beer and I are best friends? No? Well, we are. I am a craft beer kind of girl…I love drinking it, brewing it, aging it, and, of course, talking about it.
  • I LOVE ice cream. As in, it is my favorite food, it’s always in the freezer, I can’t say no to it, and it is the one thing that can turn me from angry Jeanie to happy Jeanie, in an instant. BAM!
  • I also love all things tacos and s’mores…and dark chocolate…and wine. Are you judging me right now? Stop it!
  • My favorite words are beastly, chunk, spatula, and pungent. And I am especially partial to beastly and chunk used together as a descriptive phrase.
  • It is my personal and strong opinion that Bloody Mary’s/Maria’s or what have you, should ALWAYS come with a beer chaser. Always.
  • I am in my mid twenties and love Hello Kitty. Truth.
  • I am currently chasing my dream of becoming an RN, and just might save your life some day. Fact.


  • My name is Steve.
  • I am a master folder, and this true fact has got me hired in a few non clothes folding positions.
  • I have a history of making my own fireworks and dream of having my own Type 1 ATF certified storage magazine.
  • I brew a killer beer, and if you’re wondering what type, the answer is all types, or most types if we’re being real precise about it. If it involves alcohol I’ve probably made it; yeast and I get along very well.
  • If your computer stops functioning, I can mend it.
  • I like bacon. A lot. Pretty much anything wrapped in bacon becomes infinitely better. Fact. I once ate bacon on a stick and it was the best moment of my life thus far.
  • Random ticking/clicking noises drive me crazy.
  • I highly enjoy good whiskey.
  • I work with internet stuff during the day, but the rest of my time is spent doing a ridiculous array of other hobbies.


    1. I am SO glad my treats are enjoyed! I love baking and look forward to his treat days! It gives me a chance to spend the day baking and try out new recipes. 🙂

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