Montebuena 2014 Cuvée KPF (Rioja)

We tasted Montebuena 2014 Cuvee KPF (Rioja) on May 11, 2017 after quite a long night.  Steven and I cooked Chicken Tikka Marsala with Cilantro Lime Rice for dinner, which we found paired quite nicely with this Rioja. We saddled up on our bar stools at our kitchen counter and enjoyed both the wine and the quite delicious dinner we had created together.

This Rioja was produced by Montebuena and is from the Rioja/Northern Spain region/appellation. The grape variety used to create this wine is tempranillo, its vintage is 2014, and it rings in at 13.5% alchohol.

The color depth of this Rioja is deep, on a scale of watery –> dark, it is garnet in color, and its clarity appears clear. When it comes to the aroma intensity, Steven and I both agreed it was between moderate and aromatic, on a scale of low –> powerful. This wine had some age as far as development goes, and had aromas of plum, date, leather, and wood. When it comes to dry vs. sweet, this Rioja is off dry, which is between dry and medium sweet. It has a medium-full body, and as far as acidity goes, it is pretty smooth. Its balance was good and its flavor intensity was flavorful, which is between moderate and powerful. When we tasted this wine flavors of plum, prune, plum jam, and clove presented themselves to us. 

In conclusion we agreed this was a “pretty good wine”. It was “not absolutely amazing, but would drink again”. It is a traditional style, and we rated it 3.5/5 stars. For the price of less than $10 you certainly can’t go wrong with this wine. It it a wine I would definitely recommend bringing to a dinner party, or even popping open on a week night when you just aren’t quite feeling the week.



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