2015 William Hill Chardonnay

Hey Friends!

Steven and I have decided to work our way through Barriques’ wall of 100 wines, and here is our first review; 2015 William Hill Chardonnay.

We tasted this wine on April 16th, 2017 while chilling at our apartment and listening to some favorable tunes. This wine is produced by William Hill Estate and is from the state of California. Its vintage is 2015 and it rings in at 13.8% alcohol content. 

Steven and I both agreed its color depth was pale, its color hue was yellow, and its clarity was clear. When it came to aroma intensity we felt it was low, as the aroma really did not stand out much to us. There was a slight scent, but that was all. Some of the aromas we did smell include tree fruits such as pear, apricot, and apple, as well as the flower honeysuckle. 

When it came to the discussion of dry vs. sweet, both of us agreed this wine was medium sweet. It was definitely not a wine that dried your mouth out, but it certainly was not over sweet either.  Steven and I both felt the body was light while the acidity was fresh. We also agreed there was no sign (taste) of tannin and the balance was fair. Where we finally disagreed is when it came to flavor intensity. I (Jeanie) thought it was moderate while Steven thought it was low. We are allowed to disagree, as we are adults, so we did. Some of the flavors we tasted include honey, fig, pear, and apple.  We both agreed the finish was medium (4-5 out of >8) meaning the taste of the wine stayed on our tongues for a moderate amount of time.

In conclusion we both decided this wine is, “not shitty”, “not oaky”, “buttery = 1/5”, and “doesn’t induce vomiting”. I guess you could take this all to mean this wine was edible, but not the greatest wine we’ve ever tasted. All in all we gave it 2 stars out of 5 stars.

Also, in case you are curious, we happened to pair this wine with Pink Lady Apples, and it was perfect. They paired very well together.

So, go out, try this wine…or don’t…maybe try another wine. You do you. Adulting is awesome.



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  1. Sounds like a perfect bottle to re-gift or bring to a dinner party…definitely not one you want to keep all to yourself…

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