Dogfish Head Punkin Ale Review (Hello September 1st…Bring On All Things Pumpkin!)

Ahhhhh!!! *Sigh* 

Can you believe it’s already one of the best days of the year?! In case you haven’t seen all the foreshadowing on social media I’ll bring you up to speed. September 1st is the day it is FINALLY socially acceptable to start consuming ALL things pumpkin (And no, not pumpkin bleach…hahahaha…not funny…whoever thought of that should seriously think about who they are as a person, and then consume something pumpkin. Perhaps they’ll rethink their stupid gif).

Back to my happy place…pumpkin patches, hot pumpkin spice latte, warm pumpkin spice cookies, and then home to an oh so refreshing pumpkin beer. *Sigh*

Which brings me to today’s post. I thought I’d enlighten you with a mixture of my favorite things on this first day of September. Thus, Dogfish Head Punkin Ale; one of the best pumpkin beers out there. 


Isn’t that a gorgeous looking beer? Yes, yes it is. It pours a beautiful orange with a nice layer of foam on top. The pumpkin flavor isn’t too overpowering or fake tasting, but rather smooth and subtle. The pumpkin pie spices and brown sugar smoothly dance over your tongue leaving you reminiscing about pumpkin pie and fond memories.

At ABV: 7.0 and IBU: 28, this beer is well-balanced and sure to be a fall favorite of most (except you pumpkin haters, in which case, you can just keep on being lame, but with your mouths shut. Thanks.). 


I picked up a 4 pack in late August (I KNOW! I was super excited to see it too!) and cracked one right away. I do not believe in following social norms. I will drink a pumpkin beer whenever I damn well please.

I definitely plan on picking up more of this beer, though I will surely pick up a variety of pumpkin beers as well over the next few months. I wait all year for this season, so when it arrives, I certainly don’t waist any time. That would just be silly.


I hope this post has filled your heart with joy and perked up your taste buds. 

Enjoy September first with a pumpkin beer (perhaps DFH Punkin Ale) and all things pumpkin!

Next up it boots, leggings, and sweatshirts…I CAN’T WAIT!

Loves Friends!




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